slider_1.jpgWN Shipping, together with its wholly-owned divisions, E-CHB and World Container, supply proven cross-border gateway solutions and continue to develop leading eCommerce data and logistics support for retailers, logistics providers, and service platforms.

Services Offered:
Express Clearance via Section 321 (“Wheels Up” Clearance)
Duty Free Section 321* Customs clearance (Under $800 USD) via affiliated Express Consignment Courier Facilities at JFK Airport in New York and LAX airport in Los Angeles.


  • Allows for Clearance inflight before arrival in US
  • Multiple Line Clearance done at HAWB Level – Examinations at order
  • level will not delay other orders
  • Expedited Recovery Time
  • E-CHB integrated software solution allows for seamless back end support for retailer platforms

*Technical explanation of Section 321 entry: Section 321 is a type of Informal Entry for goods to clear through U.S. Customs and Border Protection. It allows for the release at the border of shipments valued at 800 U.S. dollars or less and must not be one of several lots covered by a single order or contract, the value of which would exceed 800 U.S. dollars.

Container Freight Station (CFS) Clearance
We provide CBP Bonded Warehousing and Container Freight Station services. Our CFS has over 10,000 square feet of high security, fenced, CCTV protected space with 24 hour on-site security. Our Bonded CFS is used for the storage of imports that are undergoing Customs examination, are under seizure, in long or short term bonded storage under “Warehouse Entry”, or is pending final release from US Customs custody for consumption is the USA. Firms code E169

  • Features:
  • Bonded Warehousing
  • Storage of cargo for import & export
  • Crossdocking
  • Customs documentation

Full service customs brokerage services with the ability to clear merchandise at any U.S. Port via remote filing (RLF) For additional information on our Brokerage Services, please view our Customs Brokerage services.

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