direct-injectionWN Shipping offers a variety of customizable solutions from ground service to next day arrival. Via our exclusive partnerships with major postal authorities (including the United States Post Office, Fed Ex, DHL, UPS, Royal Mail, Swiss Post, Deutche Post, La Post, Belgium Post, the Canadian Mail Exchange, and many more around the world) and our own fleet of trucks, we are able to offer customizable solutions based on each customer’s specific needs.

Our “Zone Skipping” model utilizes technology, speed, and accuracy to provide a cost efficient service that fits each customer’s needs. Our eCommerce team work’s with each customer to fine the balance between service level, cost, and speed. Parcels are never staged or held until a minimum pallet load is met; processing begins as soon as parcels are received. Our services are fully trackable and offer value adds such as “push alerts” that are sent to the consumer notifying them of the status of their order.

Benefits of utilizing WN Shipping’s Final Mile network include:

  • On Call recovery services
  • Flexible Labeling Requirements
  • Full service label/fulfilment on site
  • State of the art software with ability to capture in piece level data

For additional information on our Final Mile options, please view our Distribution Services.

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